Advanced Threat Prevention Appliance Comprehensive threat and malware detection, consolidated security analytics, and quick threat mitigation.


The Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention Appliance (JATP) detects malware, understands behavior, and mitigates threats with just one touch. It leverages security data from multiple sources in your network—no matter the vendor—and works with any firewall or security information and event management (SIEM) device to deliver fast, flexible, and automated responses to malicious activity.

Its unique architecture eliminates the need for time-consuming, one-off customizations. You can easily create custom data collectors right in the JATP interface. Once defined, data seamlessly flows into the JATP threat behavior timeline, empowering security teams to quickly see what happened and when, all in a single, comprehensive view.

JATP provides:

  • Fast, flexible, and automated defense against malicious activity, working alongside any firewall or SIEM device.
  • Insight into threat behavior at every step of the life cycle to pinpoint high-priority threats and reduce false positives.
  • Easy-to-use interface to collect and correlate threat intelligence from any security source.
  • Effective mitigation of lateral propagation.
  • Flexible deployment options with physical and virtual form factors.
  • Minimization of vendor lock-in.

JATP is available in two models:

1. Juniper ATP400

The powerful 1 RU JATP400 delivers up to 50,000 object detonations per day. It’s purpose-built for organizations that need distributed detection of web, email, and lateral threats across the enterprise.

2. Juniper ATP700

For larger, centralized environments with high-performance security demands, the 2 RU JATP700 delivers 128 GB of memory and up to 130,000 object detonations per day.

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