Can You Learn Juniper Routers Without Hardware? Let’s Try.

To learn various things in the world, you don’t have to use one method, for example, I share here, studying Juniper routers without hardware / physical, here we use Qemu and GNS3 for network simulation.

Just for information, here I am not an advertisement or from one of Juniper’s employees, here only sharing so that my friends can learn Juniper without buying hardware, maybe if those who already know the hardware price, one router can buy Avanza even for the high end version hehehehe. and do not forget if you are also good at Juniper certification, let me be good at it.

before we go on I will give a little basic understanding of the software that I use.

What’s the JUNIPER router?

Juniper Networks is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of routers such as Cisco, Mikrotik, and Alcatel. Juniper itself has products such as switches, routers and security devices such as firewalls.

What is Qemu?

Qemu is an application on Linux to run a Simulation OS, or often referred to as Virtual PC.

What is Gns3?

GNS3 is a GUI-based computer network simulation software similar to Cisco Packet Tracer.

Before starting the following we must prepare:

1. A PC / laptop that has a minimum CPU core i3 RAM of 4 GB, due to running it playing in processors and RAM.

2. Ubuntu for the OS, for our PC (qemu installed, gns3), why is ubuntu? because it’s easy (answers are not solid, unclear and, inconsequential) peace  
– install qemu: sudo apt-get install qemu  
– install gns3: sudo apt-get install gns3

3. prepare juniper OS / junos can be downloaded directly on the official website

4. The format that we download is still in the form of .ova and in the qemu format used .img, extract the first junos file that we have downloaded.

5. The extracted file is still in the .vmdk format and of course, qemu can’t read it. because we will create a .img file, we use the qcow2 format for the image. Qcow2 is an expandable image format, so he will only use the storage containing data from the image.

6. After completing preparing the juniper os file format we continue to configure it in the gns3.  
– Start gns3 0.8.7 and create a new project. Edit -> Preferences -> Search -> Qemu General Settings. click test settings, if according to the bar below, qemu is ready to use.

– Further configuration parameters for Junos OS. Edit -> Preferences -> Qemu -> JunOS

### -smp 2 is required for configuring 2 vm cpu if not all interfaces are not detected

– Continue, open the initial interface bro3 and there is an option to the left, select juniper router, just drag it bro … and please give a name.

– The next step is dragging the router icon, right-click on the router icon and select start, until it changes color in the topology column, Sumarry becomes green icon.

-Last stepp, already I want to configure the router right click again and select the console, wait until the router has finished booting. after that it has become a virtual juniper router. the function is the same as the original juniper router, there are only a few features that are reduced by wong gretongan. . . !!! hehehe, but yeah it’s good for learning right. can learn routing, TCP / IP configuration, firewall. and many more functions from this juniper router. please oprek more.

The end of the word if there is a mistake in the word / writing apologize profusely, because this writer is also a human who does not escape from wrong and is still both learning.

Thank you, happy learning and keep trying.

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