TrendBreakdown Lifestyle: Adult Coloring Books

adult colloring books

Todays TrendBreakdown is all about coloring books for adults. I first heard about these back in spring and got mine a few months ago. I personally consider myself a creative and visual person and I have really always wanted to be able to draw or have some other way to exercise my creativity. So that is probably the main reason I wanted one of these but what I discovered is so much more. It really is a great way to relax as well take your mind off things and just do something with your hands.

coloring-book-adults-fantastic-cities-steve-mcdonald-fb   I find they are also something that you can do with your kids or in my case my little sister , she has her own book and the fact that it is something more intricate than a children’s coloring book both excites and challenges her, as well as myself, to be honest looking at how creative she can be also pushes me. garden_main.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart

I know the holidays are still a few months away but honestly I feel like these books will save me a lot of head scratching over gift ideas, I have already had so many of my friends look into getting one just with mentioning them , I  feel like we don`t do enough creative things in our day-to-day lives and we crave it, so these little books are such a simple inexpensive and honestly easy way of doing that. johanna-basford-coloring-books-for-adults-06

If you can`t fine one in your local book store (even thou I think you will , if they got to Romania ) you just need to search online and you will find anything and everything you can dream of. I recommend looking into Millie Marotta and Johanna Basford`s books , they have some great illustrations in there as well as a good variety of different theme books.Millie-Marotta-tropical-wonderland-img2

These are a few that I have skimed over in the bookstore and completly reccomend!

What do you think of these? Had you heard of them , or have I convinced you to get one?


September MoodBoard

september moodboard

Today I wanted to try a new series on my blog called monthly MoodBoard. The aim of this new series is to get me and possibly you too excited about the coming month. Sometimes we don`t even notice how negative our mindsets can be, and how much we focus on how busy the next month will be or how much work has accumulated and any other negative thought that goes to our head when thinking about the coming moth. I am personally a great fan of new beginnings , I am so much more productive in the mornings or in the beginning of every week or in the beginning of every month , I just really enjoy the feeling of what has passed has passed now I have a whole new opportunity to do my best in every aspect of my life. Sorry I know I went a bit on a tangent there but if you stick it out for a bit longer I promise I will get to my point.

Anyways this series will be all about the things that excite me about the coming month, anything from style inspiration to what is on my wish list that month, to food, home design , places I will be visiting. It will be a mesh mash of Pinterest-esque photos that will hopefully get you too excited about all the great things that will be happening in the next month. You can expect these posts at the beginning of every month on my blog usually on Sundays. Yay now let`s get started with September. Continue reading

Zara Queen of the Handbag DUPE

bag dupes zara

If you look around my blog you might notice my love of Zara Handbags (and Zara in general but today we are talking about bags). I have always enjoyed their designs and I also believe that they offer great quality products at a great price. 

In the past couple of seasons I have noticed more and more how some of their handbag designs are quite heavily inspired by popular high-end handbags . Couple of months back I got obsesses with one of their bags which was very much inspired by the Chanel Boy Bag (you can see some of those posts here and here). Lets be honest what are the chances that I will some day get to own the real deal?  So if there is a designer bag out there that you can`t seam to get out of your head check out the Zara website you might find it`s dupe. I chose only three handbags to feature but there are quite a few more who would meet the criteria.  Continue reading

Summer Beauty Haul

For this weeks beauty post I chose to do a little collective beauty haul.  I have gathered a good mix of lip,eyes and face products, mostly drugstore. I will do a short review or first impressions depending on how much I have used that particular product so if you are interested in purchasing it you have at least an idea of my opinion on it. Continue reading